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    1MG/TAB * 28TAB

    Anastrozole is a potent and selective nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor. By inhibiting aromatase, the conversion of androstenedione to estrone, and testosterone to estradiol, is prevented, thereby decreasing tumor mass or delaying progression in patients with tumors responsive to hormones. Anastrozole causes an 85% decrease in estrone sulfate levels.

    Well absorbed; extent of absorption not affected by food.

    Extensively hepatic (~85%) via N-dealkylation, hydroxylation, and glucuronidation; primary metabolite (triazole) inactive.

    Time to Peak
    Plasma: ~2 hours without food; 5 hours with food.

    Half-Life Elimination
    ~50 hours.

    Detection Time
    ~14 days.

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